Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I have been looking for some Hollywood regency faux bamboo furniture for quite some time and finally....after searching daily....I found a great deal on Craigslist! A faux bamboo armoire and chest of's Drexel (which became Drexel Heritage in 1977)! The armoire has chicken wire where glass would normally be. Does anyone know if this is original?? I was thinking I would paint them white gloss. I think with the original hardware, it would look nice. What do you think? Any ideas? It will be in our extra bedroom, which will one day be a nursery.


  1. This is great. If it were mine I would paint the outside the glossy white color that you like then I would either paint the inside a very vibrant color or wallpaper it with a vintage print wallpaper. Then remove your hardware and spray paint it with a coordinating color (from the interior) just my thoughts :)


  2. Good ideas Jessica! I love faux bamboo furniture! To me....timeless!

  3. Love love these pieces, what a treasure you found it pays to do research because you found a beauty in this set and it is so well made, timeless. The gloss white is the perfect choice. I think I would use a bright colored paint in the interior, something that makes you smile!!! I saw your comment on the Xbench when she gets them I will let everyone know. I am just so excited to find ones that are affordable and with chrome legs that was something that had to be in the room. Kathysue

  4. Thanks Kathy Sue! I can't wait to get them done! Thanks for the advice. I would love to grab a couple of those x benches to put under my console!


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