Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I love going to flea markets, secondhand stores and vintage shops to find a great piece that can immediately transform the look of a room. It's true, vintage or antique pieces stand out as works of art when paired with the right decor style. Traditional decor can feel old, and modern decor can "get" old, but regardless of the style of house, you can always incorporate a few vintage or antique finds to keep it interesting. The challenge is keeping your vintage finds modern. Keep in mind that interiors aren't meant to "match", but rather "coordinate".

The best way to incorporate vintage/antique pieces into your decor is to intersperse them throughout. This will act as a more eclectic and international feel. Designers do this best by making sure they have one vintage piece in every room. If you're lucky enough to travel abroad, you can probably bring home some amazing finds....for all of us others, we will continue to scour the endless sea of vintage items at our local flea markets!

The only rule here is to make sure you balance cultures, styles and time periods. You can't go wrong....and these pieces make your style really stand out!

This vintage yellow tufted wingback chair adds color and character to the corner of this elegant dining room.

Believe it or not, this is a "mud room"! The room includes vintage items such as the white hall tree against the wall, the settee from an antique mall and a vintage table found on ebay.

In this sophisticated, turned rugged living space, these red vintage number signs (once used at an old gas station) add color to this space.

This room's designer created an illusion of height by placing wallpaper on the ceiling and to inspire the rest of the furnishings, she added a vintage couch (still in it's original upholstery).

While updating this home, the designer opted to keep the original 1947 molding over the doorway. It brings charm to the room, don't you agree?

All photos courtesy of Lonny Mag
The painting in this sitting area was purchased by the homeowner at a market in Thailand. Always bring back pieces when traveling.

Bottom line is to mix vintage finds with modern pieces, don't over think it, go with your gut, and if you buy what you love and put it where you'll enjoy it, it will always work!