Sunday, August 28, 2011


Nothing else adds as much character to a room like a unique accessory. Trophy heads, regal dog statues, gazelles, Buddhas, bookends and even artichokes....all just standing there (but delivering) and defining personalities of home owners and decor style from Los Angeles to Dubai! Whether you prefer porcelain, ceramic, glass, stone or iron, these beauties are all the rage in the design business.
Here are a few of my faves in homes around the world!

The peacock in turquoise glaze, adding color, texture and elegance.
Silver ram head figurine, perfect modern addition to any table.

Pure white porcelain greyhound. Adds height and drama to room.

The platinum octopus climbs atop the mantle for a conversation builder.


Another turquoise statue, this large thoroughbred is everyone's favorite.

For a bookshelf in need of an antique look, these jacks in black do the trick.


Horns are so dramatic and provide a wild side to all decor styles.


Tone down a space with these organic artichokes on white pedestals.


Moosehead bookends in bronze bring eclectic style to a room needing flair.

Another horse figure adding wood-like texture and rustic charm.


Orient sophistication of this dragon brings edge and culture to a room.


Another cultural statue, commands attention in a zen environment.

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  1. Well..

    All decorative stuff is very nice...
    But the Tone down a space with these organic artichokes on white pedestals is looking gorgeous..
    Scavenger Hunt Idea


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