Tuesday, April 12, 2011


The first time I layed my eyes on these beautiful lamps, I fell in LOVE! I thought it was too good to be true....Talavera pottery, with a chic and slightly edgy style, painted zig zag or striped finish...WHAT?!
I not only had to have them, but I had to allow YOU to buy some too!
So, today...I am extremely excited to be able to sell them! I don't have them on a shop site yet, but if you are interested, you can still purchase them from me.

First, let me tell you a little bit about how they're made and the history:

In a small historic village tucked away in the Guanajuato Mountains, small shops and vendor stalls line the cobblestone streets. Women and children, squatting on curbs, sell juicy limes and just-picked avocados. Vases, hand painted with bursts of brilliant flowers and squiggly designs, decorate the sidewalks. This is one of the best places in Mexico to buy Talavera pottery. This village is known for their superior quality for production of Talavera.

All art pieces are created totally by hand-from the molds that they use to shape the pieces, to the colorful final touches that these creative Artisans put into each piece. They do not use patterns to paint the designs, they use their amazing talent (freehand) to craft different designs that you are going to love. The Artisans specialize in all Talavera, not just lamps. They are masters of their trade and their talents are showcased in plates, sinks, tile, planters, vases, ginger jars and much more.

If you ever have the opportunity to witness the Talavera process, you will be blown away. We are so spoiled by machinery and the American way of mass production, that the intense work that goes into every piece of Talavera is astounding and demands respect for the artists who create each masterpiece. Each piece takes hours and hours to make, then hand painted by skilled artists who have been taught this tradition for generations.

Black Striped Lamp
Size: 10"w x 18"h
Price: $235.00

Burnt Orange Striped Lamp
Size: 8"w x 13"h
Price: $185.00

Blue Striped Lamp
Size: 10"w x 18"h
Price: $235.00
Burnt Orange Zig Zag Lamp
Size: 10"w x 18"h
Price: $235.00 

Black Zig Zag Lamp
Size: 10"w x 18"h
Price: $235.00

I'll also be selling ginger jars and vases in these same patterns soon!!!! Contact me to purchase or check availability! loft32@verizon.net


  1. These lamps are beautiful!!! I love the form and the colorways that you chose.
    I just found your blog and I love it - I'll be back! Please stop by mine if you have time: http://bjdhausdesign.blogspot.com/

  2. HI, Are the zig zag sapphire blue talavera lamps stiil available. marisa ocampo pls reply at jettlagglax@aol.com


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