Saturday, August 14, 2010


Most of us women (and some men...whether they admit it or not) have too many darn clothes! I must admit that I keep everything when it comes to clothes! I try to donate some to Goodwill or charity, but most of the time I talk myself into keeping things that I might "wear again someday"....let's face it, we will NEVER wear it and we can keep dreaming that we'll fit into half that stuff again too! we really believe that these clothing items will be "forever fashionable" so when you do fit in it (just trying to be optimistic), it will actually still be in style and you'll look like the runway model that you are?
I've received some great advice about clothes...."if you haven't worn or used it in the last year, then get rid of it!" Sounds like a great way to live, but until I actually get the courage to follow through, I need more closet space!
I have to confess that every closet in my house is filled with my clothes. No room for guests, kids or husband items....I need the space! So, needless to say, it's time to get some serious closet organization underway. For a little inspiration, I found these photos! Maybe these amazing closets will light a fire under your buns too!

The containerstore- Walk-In closet idea contemporary closet

The Container Store > Walnut & Platinum elfa d├ęcor Walk-In Closet contemporary closet

The Classic White Closet - Hancock Park, CA Residence contemporary closet

closets contemporary closet

Richens Designs - Residential: Bathroom Design contemporary closet

Cambridge Modern Closet modern closet


  1. WOW!!The 3rd one will be my closet once my boys move out and I take a sledge hammer to join my room and their room..Dreams do come true!! thanks for the inspiration..

  2. I know Kristina, isn't it gorgeous! I think that one's my fav too! Closet organization (and expansion) here we come!


  3. Ughh my closet is such a mess. These are all gorgeous and SO organized.


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